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Douglas Kane is an attorney in Santa Cruz, California specializing in representing plaintiffs in employment and civil rights cases. His understanding of the complex rules of employment and civil rights litigation, strong analytical and writing skills, and deep commitment to defending the rights of individuals make him a valuable ally to people whose rights have been violated by employers, or by the government.

Doug Kane's initial interest in becoming an attorney stemmed from his desire to be able to protect individual's rights. While still in law school, he already was deeply involved with several employment and civil rights cases, as well as a number of civil and criminal appeals, as a legal assistant with a Santa Cruz area attorney who specialized in those areas.

In June of 1998, Doug graduated second in his class from the Monterey College of Law. Soon after passing the California Bar Examination on his first attempt, he opened his own law office so that he could specialize in providing legal assistance to individuals who have suffered discrimination, harassment and other invasions of their rights.

His passionate and knowledgeable approach has proven very successful. He has successfully litigated wrongful termination, employment discrimination and sexual harassment cases with recoveries ranging from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. His clients have recovered a judgment or settlement in every case that he has concluded thus far. Doug is currently litigating several major employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and civil rights cases, including employment discrimination cases against Santa Cruz County's two largest employers, and civil rights cases against both major law enforcement agencies in the County.

In addition, Doug is a panel attorney for the Sixth District Appellate Program, handling criminal appeals for indigent defendants. In his first criminal appeal, he convinced the California Court of Appeal that the trial court had abused its discretion in committing his client to the California Youth Authority. The Court of Appeal reversed the judgment of the trial court. Such an action is quite rare, and it is a testament to Doug Kane's powers of persuasion that he was able to achieve such a successful result.

Doug and his partner of more than 20 years, Beth Dyer, live in Santa Cruz, where they share a passion for playing West African drums.